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Dear Patient

Covid-19 Infections are increasing in the local area. If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid, please ensure that you have done a PCR test not just a Lateral Flow Test. For further advice on what to do should your symptoms deteriorate, please click on the link below


Covid vaccinations given abroad or not showing on NHS app

Recording a vaccine received elsewhere on my GP records and NHS app

We have received a high number of requests to enter details of a COVID vaccine onto our patients’ GP records and the NHS app.  We appreciate that this is a confusing situation.  Unfortunately, there is some conflicting information about this both in the media and within other parts of the NHS.  Currently, it is not possible for us to record details of COVID vaccines in such a way that it will appear on the NHS app.  The vaccine information which appears on the NHS App is taken from the IT systems used in the vaccine centres around the country, not a patient’s GP records.

Vaccines received in the UK

If you have had a vaccine in the UK, but it is not showing on the NHS App, it’s likely that there has been some kind of problem at the vaccine clinic.  Either it was not entered correctly onto the IT system, or the IT system has failed to upload it onto the NHS App.  If you are in this situation, please contact the centre where you received your COVID vaccine or the VDRS. The Vaccine Data Resolution Service (VDRS) aims to resolve missing or incorrect vaccination records for people vaccinated in England who have a current NHS number and are registered with a GP practice in England. This can be accessed by calling 119 and asking to be referred to the Vaccine Data Resolution Service.

Vaccines received outside the UK

If you received either one or both of your vaccine doses outside of the UK, we can enter this onto your GP record.  It would be useful for us to have this information on your health records, and you can send it to us by submitting an E-consultation asking for administrative help on our website.  You can attach a photo of any documents you have relating to the vaccine (including the manufacturer, batch number and the date it was given).  However, at present, this information will not appear on the NHS app.  This may change but that would require changes to the NHS App and it is outside of our control here at The Avenue Surgery. In order to provide evidence that you have had a vaccine abroad (for example, to an employer), you will need to show whatever proof you have from the country where you had the vaccine.

Vaccines administered overseas cannot be recorded in the UK National Immunisation Management system (NIMS) which is the system used to show your vaccination status in the NHS App.  Therefore the ability to show any “overseas” Vaccination  Certificate and request a Vaccination Passport is not currently available from the NHS.

Any queries regarding this issue need to be directed to NHS 119 or to NHS App support rather than the GP practice:


Wednesday 8 December 2021 marks one year on since the first Covid-19 vaccination was given outside of a clinical trial in England.

covid vaccine one year on

It is an opportunity to celebrate the monumental achievement of the NHS Covid-19 vaccination programme; to thank staff, volunteers, partners and community groups who have been crucial in its success; and to encourage those who have not yet received their first vaccine to come forward and get it.

To mark this milestone, we are asking everyone to share what having the vaccine has enabled them to do in the last year on social media using the hashtag #OneYearOn.

This could be a video, image or post explaining how being vaccinated has meant you’ve been able to see family and friends, go on holiday, or even how it has given you some peace of mind during a particularly difficult time. The campaign is about thanking everyone for making it happen and, most importantly, encouraging others to get vaccinated.

Please do share the call to action with your networks, through your internal communications channels, with volunteer contacts, and get involved on social media on 8 December.

How to get involved

  • Film a short video or share a photograph of yourself explaining what you have been able to do in the last year as a result of having the vaccine*
  • Post it to Twitter or Instagram on 8 December using #OneYearOn and tagging @NHSEnglandLDN
  • On 8 December, search the hashtag #OneYearOn, like and reshare other posts