Nursing Team

Our qualified nurse has applicable skills in cervical screening, immunisations (including travel), contraceptive and sexual health advice, wound care and other aspects of physical care of patients in general practice.

She is also trained to support the management of long-term conditions such as diabetes, Asthma, COPD, cardiovascular disease and other chronic disease management.

Our Advanced Clinical Practitioner works in the capacity of a doctor and can see patients for emergency issues on the day as well as managing all the chronic diseases. She is also a prescriber and can prescribe the appropriate medications for our patients.

Members of the team are:


A little more about Melanie for our patients below:

“I have worked for 26 years as a Nurse and am still counting. I had the great opportunity of working and developing my skills in speciality areas like intensive care, emergency, theatres, and acute medical units at the start of my journey, before joining the district nursing team that gave me the privileges of understanding the dynamics of looking after people in the community and in their home setting. It has also enhanced my knowledge and skills in wound and palliative care. 

I now work in General Practice and have done so for the last 5 years. I am passionate about looking after people with diabetes and health promotion. I also do look after people with chronic conditions like Asthma and COPD, in addition to performing other practice nurse roles that include immunisations, travel health and smears. 

Whilst it was not my first personal choice to be a nurse, I am so thankful I have chosen this path. My greatest influence was my father who wasn’t a medical person but just one great cool dude, whose heart was full of care and compassion towards others.

If I’m not in the clinic working,  you will find me travelling and spending quality time with my family.” 

MAGDALENA ASHRAF- Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Magdalena trained at London South Bank University at masters degree level to become an Advanced Clinical Practitioner to be able to do what she is passionate about – helping people by solving their medical problems at advanced level. She is also a member of the Medicine Management Working Group in our local Ealing CCG, which allows her to influence some local policies regarding prescribing.

She obtained her Independent Prescribing Qualifications, Advanced Assessment Skills  and Post graduation Diploma in Respiratory Medicine at King’s College London University. She has been an active member of the Royal College of Nursing.

She has a special interest in Chronic Diseases Management, including Diabetes, Respiratory and Cardiovascular Medicine . In 2018, Magdalena completed Diagnostic Spirometry Interpretation training and is now in the National Register of The Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology.  

She completed numerous training, such as diabetes, woman’s health, hypertension, cardiac diseases, hypertension, anti-coagulation, dermatology, mental health, also,  attended many useful workshops. One of them, Motivational Interviewing, enhanced her skills to listen and motivate patients with chronic problems.

Magdalena has been working in primary care for 15 years. She loves working around people and is fascinated by humans nature. Outside work she loves reading and watching good movies, also, adores cats.


JANE TEBBLE – Practice nurse

Jane is our new addition to the clinical team and joined us in March 2021. She is a Supplementary Nurse Presciber and has a special interest in Diabetes, Anticoagulation therapy and Travel Health.  She will also be managing other chronic disease areas as well as child immunisations. She will be working one day a week on Wednesdays.

Jane has served on Ealing Professional Executive Committee (PEC) and contributed on the Diabetes Redesign Board. In addition, she acted as a Clinical Supervisor enabling a group of nurses and other health care professionals to develop through reflection in and on practice.

Outside nursing Jane has an active interest in skiing, scuba diving, walking, cooking, entertaining, theatre going and reading for relaxation and education.